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TermiCam, Canberra City 2601, ACT

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Termicam - mobile pest detection service - canberra/goulburn & surrounding region

Termites and pest activity have been estimated to cause hundreds of millions of dollars damage to buildings around the world annually, with one in three buildings being infested at least once in its lifetime. TermiCam offer the highest quality pest management systems, detection and control, using the latest and the best infrared technology available. Currently there is no competition that matches the capabilities of TermiCam within pest industry.

The TermiCam System is a non-destructive, non-intrusive, and environmentally friendly technique for finding termites and other insect pest activity in houses, buildings and property using infra-red thermal imagers and pest management tools. TermiCam is becoming an even more important service for building owners as many chemicals providing protection have been banned as they are not considered to the banning of many chemicals that are to be environmentally unsafe.

TermiCam's method of detecting termites & other pests with an infrared TermiCam developed Camera, has even found termites in thick tree trunks, under concrete slabs and in wet humid areas of buildings.

The TermiCam process will be able to help prevent damage to thousands of buildings and houses throughout the world. Furthermore, a comprehensive Risk Pests Management program would assist in protecting buildings and this can be offered by franchisees.

Termicam has been awarded the Industry Innovation award at the HIA-CSR Housing Awards 2016, become a part of this award winning franchise today!

No experience is necessary as the initial training will include TermiCam product knowledge, selling skills and an ISO Certified Thermographer in Pest Management License. Ongoing training will include upgrading of skills and knowledge in thermal imaging & Pest Management Systems.

Our Customers: Home, Building, industrial, commercial and government owners though out Australia and New Zealand as well as overseas.

Marketing Support:
* TermiCam offers a recognised brand name, logo and business system of termite and building inspection
* You will be part of an international brand with a strong reputation that compliments your own business. This has great benefits for marketing and publicity when promoting your business's products and services
* One of our latest additions to the Termicam Family is Techno Termi - Termi is a full size mascot suit and was launched in Shanghai China in May 2014 and is available for promotional events and business launches to all franchisees.

Asking price: $40,000 - $50,000 + GST

For more information about these exciting opportunities please contact Michael Newham on 0419 263 014 or email

  • Canberra-City, ACT: Termicam - Mobile Pest Detection Service - Canberra/goulburn & Surrounding Region, Agency: Finn Franchise Brokers - 0
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  • Canberra-City, ACT: Termicam - Mobile Pest Detection Service - Canberra/goulburn & Surrounding Region, Agency: Finn Franchise Brokers - 1
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