Casual Listing

$65 per listing per month*

1 listing in 1 category.
Additional categories charged at $15 per listing*

90 day listing lifespan
Min. 3 month purchase

Subscription Packages


$150 per month*

Up to 100
concurrent listings

180 day listing lifespan
(if not updated)

Standard Best Value

$295 per month*

Up to 300
concurrent listings

180 day listing lifespan
(if not updated)


$500 per month*

Up to 1000
concurrent listings

180 day listing lifespan
(if not updated)

*all prices are ex GST AUD

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For as little as $150* a month for up to 100 listings

Our subscription plans are designed to be the fairest method for agents and brokers available where you pay your fees based on the amount of use of the system. You can change plans at any time if you permanently reduce or increase the number of listings and your plan billing changes in the next billing cycle.

All Plans (including Casual) work on all devices (mobile and desktop), and include:

  • Agent Logo on all media
  • Customer Support
  • Email leads to Agency and Agent
  • Reporting Tools
  • Self Service Centre
  • Listings shown by relevancy
  • Unlimited changes to your listings

All Subscription Plans have:

  • Enhanced Listing Information
  • Branded Agency Profiles
  • Branded Agent Profiles
  • Full Agency Profile Landing Page
  • Individual Agent Profile Pages
  • Listings auto retire unless modified to ensure freshest results for all users
  • Listings active for 180 days from last update

We believe all subscribers should get a complete feature set not based on the size of their agency or how much extra they are prepared to pay. It's part of our fair deal pricing strategy and is exactly like every other modern web based application in the market.

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And get your own Agency Profile Landing Page**

**subscription only

Common questions

Why should I list with realestatecommercial?

Realestatecommercial has been built to provide results - both for Agents and Brokers and for those looking to find a property or business. Our aim is to provide an uncluttered site that is easy to navigate, simple to use and accessible from any device.

How will an agent receive an enquiry on a listing?

All listings on realestatecommercial have contact details on them. The interested buyer can either call the agent if they have supplied a phone number, or send an enquiry via the online form. This form will be emailed directly to the agent who can then get in contact with the buyer.

What information should an agent supply?

The more information, the better! We want to make it easy for prospective buyers to find the right property for them. Details such as the property address, floor and land area (if applicable), price, great description and photos, lots of photos will all help enhance the listing for those looking to lease or purchase commercial property or buy a business. Of course you will also need to supply your contact details and logo of your business.

How do I list on realestatecommercial?

Just head to our subscription page, and fill in your details and we'll be in contact with you very shortly to get you on your way to listing with

How much does it cost to list on realestatecommercial?

All prices can be found above. Agents or Brokers can either subscribe to one of our packages, or can use realestatecommercial for casual listings. Pricing starts from as little as $65 +GST for a casual listing and from $150+GST for a monthly subscription package, for a minimum of 3 months.

How long are listings displayed?

A casual listing will be displayed for 90 days. All subscription listings are displayed for 180 days from their last update.

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Plans suitable for any sized Agency or Broker